Tour to Belarus

Have you ever thought of where to spend your holidays? If extraordinary adventure and countries free from mass tourism attract you, then we suggest you to visit Belarus. Surprisingly, and despite of its rich cultural heritage, unique history and hospitable locals, Belarus is largely unexplored by tourists. Our team went to Belarus and we are sure that this destination is worth visiting.

Trip to Belarus and to Belovezhskaya Pushcha

5 days 4 nights

If you are interested in the countries of Central Europe and countries of the former USSR, we suggest to you an organized tour to Belarus. Belarus attracts tourists more and more each year.

Trip to Belarus and to the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve

5 days 4 nights

The country of the former USSR is still little known to tourists but interest is increasing gradually. There are a lot of cultural and historical monuments, as well as reserves which are in the UNESCO heritage list.

Tour “Back to the USSR”

5 days 4 nights

This tour will give you the feeling of being in the Soviet era during its last hours. Minsk will surprise you no matter what! Whether if you are an enthusiast of history, culture or a well travelled tourist.

Cultural tour to the Republic of Belarus

7 days 6 nights

This tour will give you the opportunity to know more about Belarus which is still quite a mysterious entity for most foreigners. This destination deserves close study and promises to satisfy even well-travelled tourists.

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Why Belarus is worth visiting?

Natural treasures

Lakes and forests cover nearly 40% of the country. Belarus is full of national parks and reserves, the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve and Belovezhskaya Pushcha primeval forest are the most popular.

Rich cultural and historical heritage

There are a lot of cultural sites on the territory of Belarus. Such places as Mir castle and the Nesvizh Palace are included in the UNESCO heritage list. We recommend a visit to Brest Hero- Fortress, Marc Chagall House, Polotsk and Grodno.

Visa-free regime

There is a visa-free period for 30 days in the republic of Belarus since the end of July 2018. Residents of more than 70 countries (including countries of the European Union) are free from visa if their arrival and departure are implemented via Minsk II airport.

Extraordinary vacation at an affordable price

Belarus is the ideal destination for tourists on a budget who want to see something extraordinary.

Tour to the heart of the authoritarian regime country

Why don’t you try visiting this “closed” country? A tour to Belarus is a unique opportunity to be in the country with no influx of tourists.


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