Combined tours

Combined tours
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Russia is enormously large, that is why traveling to one of its cities will not give you the fullest impression of the country. If you are interested to see the multi-sidedness of Russia, we recommend combined tours.

Below you will find a few examples of combined tours. Please note that we can create an individual program according to your wishes and budget.

Our combined tours to Russia

St. Petersburg and Veliky Novgorod in the summer

7 days 6 nights

Discover Russia, visit two significant cities and get introduced to the rich history and gorgeous architecture.

St. Petersburg and Veliky Novgorod in the winter

7 days 6 nights

Visit St. Petersburg and Novgorod in the winter, you will see Russia from the bright side.

St. Petersburg and Karelia in the summer

8 days 7 nights

This program is ideal for travelers eager to discover Russia in an authentic way, including an exotic itinerary and meeting locals.

St. Petersburg and Karelia in the winter

8 days 7 nights

Enjoy a trip to Russia and see its treasures in the winter. During this tour, you will visit St. Petersburg and Karelia, a creative and unique itinerary that is full of surprises.

St. Petersburg and the Polar Circle in the summer

9 days 8 nights

You will see St. Petersburg, the city of Russian emperors, will visit Murmansk, the North of Russia and Teriberka village in the corner of the world.

St. Petersburg and the Polar Circle in the winter

9 days 8 nights

You will discover St. Petersburg, its numerous canals, famous museums and emperors residences. The Northern lights will paint your journey in the brightest colors.

This tour will let you see two charming capitals, the current capital being Moscow and the ex-capital of St. Petersburg. Additionally, you will get to experience other areas of Russia to get fuller impression of the country.

Discover Veliky Novgorod and its antique cathedrals. You will get to see the place where our country first originated. Enjoy the picturesque nature of Karelia, dogsledding and snowmobiles.

Perhaps you will be more attracted to see the Polar lights, be introduced to the culture of the Sami people, take pleasure to visit the incredible Kola Peninsula or the endless Arctic tundra. Pay a visit to the great Russian North, Murmansk, the capital of the polar region.

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