Cruises on the Volga: Moscow and Astrakhan 2020

Cruises on the Volga: Moscow and Astrakhan 2020

An exciting journey awaits you as you sail from Moscow, a bustling metropolis, to Astrakhan, the closest city to the ancient capital of the Golden Horde. On the way, you will stop and visit different Volga cities: Nizhny Novgorod, Cheboksary, Samara, Saratov and Volgograd, as well as Vladimir and Kazan, which were part of Mongolia in the Middle Ages. During the cruise, you will discover the rich cultural and ethnic diversity of Russia and get acquainted with the country’s amazing traditions and fascinating history.

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Organized cruise in English, Moscow – Astrakhan

14 days 13 nights
A magnificent cruise on the Volga River aboard the Nizhny Novgorod 4 *. During this journey, you will discover the true Russia.

Organized cruise in English, Astrakhan – Moscow

14 days 13 nights
A luxury cruise from Astrakhan to Moscow aboard the Nizhny Novgorod 4 *. During the cruise, you will see the greatest wonders of Russia and find yourself in the heart of the country...

The Volga Cruise is an ideal way to see the real Russia, plunge into the very heart of the country and unravel the secrets of its unique regions. How is the cruise organized? We have collected frequently asked questions on the topic, and provide some answers below.

What languages are spoken on board?

Crew members speak English.

Are the excursions conducted on foot or by bus?

Transfers from the cruise ship to the sights and back are by bus. Walking tours with a local guide are organized in the cities where the ship stops.

What activities and events are offered on board?

There’s a wide choice of entertainment: Russian language lessons, Russian songs and dances, classical and folk music concerts, film screenings, board games, visits to the Captain’s bridge, etc. Please note that entertainment programs may vary depending on ship category.

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