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Another Russia offers trips to Moscow to understand the Russian capital of yesterday and today. From the daunting concrete city of the past, Moscow has now turned into a colorful and fascinating European metropolis where history and modernity eagerly mingle.

This city of 12 million inhabitants, where cathedrals and monasteries rub shoulders with great prospects and Stalinist skyscrapers offers a great diversity of places to discover.

Visit the Kremlin and its cathedrals or stroll on the Red Square, discover the famous Moscow metro or take a walk on the old Arbat. Soak up the refined atmosphere of the famous shopping Centre Goum or come and watch a famous ballet at the Bolshoi Theatre!

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Our agency offers various tours in Moscow, excursion-free or completely organized with guided tours and quality accommodation. You can choose between a hotel in the city center or an apartment to combine comfort and freedom for your stay.

Feel free to adapt our programs to your preferences and budget by choosing the type of accommodation which suits you best. You can also combine your stay in Moscow with another destination in Russia and its surrounding countries to create a more extensive circuit. Our offers combine great quality with fair prices!

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We have gathered the essentials of what you need to know about the Russian capital to organize a successful trip to Moscow. On our Website you will find useful information on excursions, hotels and apartments, recommended restaurants, our "excursion-free" or "organized" programs as well as our ideas for your trip to Moscow.

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