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To simplify your search of Moscow accommodation, we have created a hotel booking on our website. You will be able to compare hotel prices and find the best one, using our ‘online compare system’.

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Certainly, there are many of B&B and expensive hotels in Moscow. We have selected the tried-and-true hotels; moreover, we have special offers for many of them, because there is no middleman involved.

If you do not have time to look for the best accommodation, rely on us. Send us a request via email and we will provide the best deal according to your flight dates.

Description: Arbat House hotel – this is a perfect choice for travelers, who are interested in theatre, culture and history. It is located in the center of Moscow, in 15 minute walk from the Kremlin and Red Square, in walking distance from Pushkin Fine Art Museum, The Bolshoi Theatre.
This is 3-star hotel offers high quality service.
Price: Starts from 89 euro per night with breakfast
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Description: Three-star hotel in the center of Moscow is hidden in the yards and offers a quiet resting from the noise of megalopolis. It is located near Ostozhenka Street and Prechistenka Street, this is a good start point for tourists, who like walks around the city.
Price: Starts from 95 euro per night with breakfast
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