Tour to Kolomna

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In previous times Kolomenskoye was a village. There is a legend that the Moscow patron, St. George, killed the dragon here. The park is in the south of the capital. It is famous for its white-stone Church of the Ascension.

It was built to celebrate the birth of the prince who became Tsar Ivan ‘the Terrible’. This is one of the oldest churches in Moscow, from 1994 UNESCO inscribed the church on the World Heritage List.

There is an amazing wooden house in Kolomenskoye that looks like a Palace from ‘Terem’ which is a Russian fairytale. Elizabeth I was born here and Peter the Great spent his youth in Kolomenskoye. But after moving from the capital to Saint Petersburg, the palace was forgotten. Catherine II refused to live in Moscow and ordered to demolish it. Only in 2010, the reconstruction according to Tsars Aleksey I sketches were completed. This remarkable place is definitely worth of seeing!


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