Tour to Sergiyev Posad

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Sergiyev Posad is located approximately 70 km northeast of Moscow. Due to amazing architectural heritage, Segiyev Posad is the part of Russia’s Golden Ring. During the Soviet period, it was initially named Sergiyev but later from 1930 till 1991, it was renamed ‘Zagorsk’in honour of the revolutionary Vladimir Mikhailovich Zagorsky.

You’ll visit the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius with your guide. The Lavra was founded by St. Sergius of Radonez, a spiritual Russian leader who also gave the name to the city . The Trinity Lavra is one of the largest Russian monasteries, it’s the heart of the Russian Orthodox Church. The relics of St. Sergius are in the Trinity cathedral.

It’s hard to imagine but firstly the Lavra was a small wooden church which grew over time. The walls were added in the 16th century and proved an effective means of defense during the Polish-Lithuanian capture. It is believed that Andrei Rublev, famous for his icons, lived in this monastery. You’ll see one of his largest works here. Boris Godunov’s relics, who reigned from 1598 till 1605 are stored in the Assumption Cathedral.

If you want to leave the capital for one day, you’ll be excited to see this colourful architectural complex with rich history, which is UNESCO inscribed on the World Heritage List.


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