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Russia is well known for its cultural heritage as well as for the performing arts; theatres flawlessly bring out the beauty and greatness of the country. We have made a selection of Moscow top theatres and circuses you will definitely BE impressed by the Russian stage performances. Online booking of the tickets is the most convenient way, you will save money and time. Besides,our team is always glad to help you with booking tickets or make any other arrangements.

  • The Bolshoi Theatre Doubtless, the Bolshoi Theater is one of the most renowned theatres and the second largest theatre in the world. You may enjoy a ballet or an opera there. This is the place where the most famed premieres were shown including ‘Swan Lake’ in 1877.
  • The Maly Theatre ‘Maly’ means ‘small’, while ‘Bolshoi’ means ‘large’. You will see great performances there.
  • The Lenkom Theatre The name of this theatre derives from Lenin’s surname (‘Len’) and the word ‘Komsomol’, means ‘Communist Youth League’ (‘kom’). That is why this theatre is for young people. Here you will see only modern performances.
  • The Moscow Academic Art Theatre ‘MHAT’ The theater is situated on Tverskaya Street which is around the corner from the Red Square. The Theatre premiered ‘The Seagull’ by Chehov in 1898. Whereas 2 years earlier, the same performance in St. Petersburg failed. Besides you will see Russian and international classic performances.
  • The Taganka Theatre The Taganka Theatre has promptly acquired the reputation as an avant-garde place. The decorations are simple and minimalistic.
  • The Moscow Sovremennik Theatre The word ‘Sovremennik’ means ‘contemporary’. The theatre was constructed during the post Stalinist period to ruin the cult of Stalin. Many reputable actors performed there.
  • The Vakhtangov Theatre The theatre located at the Arbat. It gets its name from the creator of the theatre ‘Evgeniy Vakhtangov’. Be aware that the theatre is closed in July and August. The season resumes in September.
  • The Gogol Center (the former drama theatre) This center was opened recently in 2013. The modern art is exceptionally respected there. In addition to Russian and European performances, you will see expositions, concerts and movie screenings.
  • The Kuklachev’s Performing Cat Theatre Yes, you are right. The main actors are cats in this Moscow theatre! Cats are very capricious pets, that is why the show is always amusing and affecting.
  • The Nikulin Moscow Circus This circus was named after a famous actor and clown, Yuri Nikulin in 1997. Russian acrobats and circus performers are known worldwide. Immerse in the atmosphere of childhood in the circus.
  • The Great Moscow State Circus Since the USSR, the circus has been a national pride and a cultural heritage. People of all ages will rave about the performance, aerial performers and clowns.
  • The Russian National Ballet Kostroma You will discover the rich folk art of Russia during the show. The local dancing from each part of the country, stage outfits and the level of performing will certainly excite you.

Enjoy your stay in Moscow; however do not forget about its theatres. Please pay attention, tickets are non-refundable.

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