Another Russia - Accomodation in Saint-Petersburg

Accomodation in Saint-Petersburg

We, as a tour operator in Russia, have a wide choice of various types of accommodation to offer you in Russia. To make it easier for our clients, we have divided the selection according to prices and types of accommodation.

Here is what we have to offer in Saint Petersburg:

Apartments in Saint Petersburg:

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Rental of holiday apartments for a short time

In terms of price and quality, renting an apartment is the best way of living in Saint Petersburg. Here are a few reasons as to why most of our clients prefer apartments to any other type of accommodation during their holidays in Russia:

  • The apartments are situated in the city centre, close to the main monuments, museums and theatres: they are often just as well if not better situated than the most expensive city hotels.
  • You will find that they have fully equipped kitchens, which enables you to avoid eating out in restaurants every day.
  • You are free to invite friends to spend evenings in your apartment, which is rarely possible in hotels and hostels.
  • The price of apartments is equal to or inferior to the price of a double room in a mini hotel.

And on top of this, you can share an apartment between as many people as you fancy, as the price of the rent does NOT vary according to the number of people occupying it. Groups of friends and couples tend to particularly take to this offer, as we have apartments with a capacity of up to 10 people. 

We have a list of about 200 apartments available for short term rent in Saint Petersburg.

Prices of Apartment in Saint Petersburg:

  • Summer period: from 90 to 200 Euros
  • Winter period: from 60 to 150 Euros

Please note that our company does not own the apartments: we will help you to choose, introduce you to the owners, provide help with the paperwork and garantee the quality and reliability of your accomodation.

Hotels in Saint Petersburg:

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The current situation concerning hotels in Saint Petersburg is the following: there are about 135 “classic” hotels in the city (Paris for example has over 1500), which is not nearly enough to cater for all the touristsduring the period of the white nights or during international events. Especially at present times, when Saint Petersburg is making attempts to be included in the group of the 5 most visited cities in the world. This is why prices often seem extortionate.Prices vary considerably according to the season. Recently it is becoming almost impossible to find a roomin a hotel at a reasonable price during the months of June and July.

We have often had clients turning up spontaneously during the white nights period, guide book in hand, thinking it would be easy to find a nice small Bed and Breakfast at low cost: there are some, but most have been fully booked months in advance! Luckily there are always landlords willing to cater for tourists and flats to rent.

Hotel prices in Saint Petersburg:

3 Stars: 

  • Summer period: from 85 to 120 Euros
  • Winter period: from 70 to 100 Euros

4 Stars:

  • Summer period: from 120 to 250 Euros
  • Winter period: from 95 to 150 Euros

5 Stars:

  • Summer period: from 200 to 500 Euros
  • Winter period: from 150 to 300 Euros

Rooms for rent in Saint Petersburg:

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Homestay in St. Petersburg

What better way to discover the local culture? Renting a room has become increasingly popular in Saint Petersburg over the last few years, also due to the fact that accommodation is ever harder to find in the summer season. It is also a means forsome Russians to earn a little money by renting rooms out in their large ex communal flats. All the rooms we have to offer are situated in the city centre. Their location will allow you to wander by foot day and night and avoid public transport, enabling you to stay out late without having to wory about transport home.

This option is ideal for those who want to learn a little more about the local way of life: these apartments are often very typically Russian, with large warm kitchens, old court yards and dark stair cases. Do not expect European standards or the flats to be doted with modern decoration, but they are large and clean. Renting a room in a Russian flat is cheaper than staying at a hotel or even in a Bed and breakfast, and you have all the advantages of living in an apartment: a place to cook and wash your clothes and a house key allowing you to come and go as you please.

Furthermore, you will find a lot of the landlords will be only too happy to give you advice on the various places to visit in the city and tell you a little about Saint Petersbug.

Prices of rooms in Saint Petersburg:

  • Summer period: from 35 to 50 Euros
  • Winter period: from 30 to 40 Euros

* Please note that the prices vary according to the number of people per room.

To choose your type of accommodation:

E-mail your request with the following information:

  • number of people
  • length of your stay
  • date of arrival
  • preliminary accomodation budget

We will send you a list of apartments available according to you wishes with photos and prices.

Send us a request to find out all the information you are interested in. This request is free and without obligation.