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Accomodation in Saint-Petersburg

Homestay accommodation rooms
in Saint Petersburg

Homestay accommodation is a more authentic and generally cheaper option than staying in a hotel or even mini hotel, especially for a single traveler, as prices are charged per person rather than per room. It also is a very affordable accommodation solution for two people during the high touristic season because, unlike hotels and apartments, the room prices for homestay accommodation do not tend to vary according to season. The majority of the rooms presented here are situated in Saint Petersburg's center, but we have included a few within Moscow.

This list is just a selection of the homestay accommodation offers we have available:

Description: In a great location, this apartment in Saint Petersburg's center, very close to Nevsky Avenue, the Hermitage Museum, the Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood and the Russian Museum...
Price: From 50 euros per night per person
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Description: 1st floor apartment in an old building on Vasilyevsky Island, one subway stop from Saint Petersburg's center. The owner, Maria, is a young French guide and teacher, very cultivated and hospitable...
Price: From 35 euros per night per person
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