Culinary workshops

Learn the secrets of Russian cuisine, feel Russian hospitality and visit the ancient market.
You are invited for culinary and cultural discoveries and unforgettable dinners with locals.

Why is it worth participating in a culinary master class from Another Russia?

Private session
The workshop is carried out only for you and your friends or your family
Personal program
We will make the program and menu based on your preferences and budget
Unique recipes
You will learn to cook like a local. Later you will be given your recipe and you will be able to repeat it when you return home back from your travel


If you suffer with any form of allergy
Please, inform us in advance and we will change the menu

If you are a vegetarian
Please, inform us in advance and we will change the menu

Can we bring drinks?

Yes, if you want to.

Products for a cooking class

We buy only hight quality products.

Can children participate in a class?

Yes, in that case, the menu will be modified

Send us a request to find out all the information you are interested in. This request is free and without obligation.

Thank you for contacting us! Our manager will be in touch as soon as possible to finalize the details. Close