Pokrovskaya Church (at the Bogoslovka Mansion)

In the vicinity of St. Petersburg at the Neva Dendrology Park, there is today a full-scale process for setting up an ethnographic complex called 'the Bogoslovka Mansion'. The idea is to replicate the wooden architecture of Peter the Great's time. The highlight of the project will be the Pokrovskaya Church.

Fascinating Facts

  • The Estate did not appear out of nowhere – in the 17th century this beautiful spot belonged to Sweden, and was known as the Valitovsky Inn.
  • Then after the October Russian Revolution, the mansion, which then belonged to the Zinovys, and had once been worth 1000 tithes, was nationalised.
  • In 1932 the estate was turned into the Nevsky Dendrology Park. During the Second World War, it was severely damaged by bombardments.
  • In 1995 the Zinovy Mansion Ensemble was listed as a site of cultural heritage of Federal significance. This was when it was decided to open the ethnopark.


The greatest attraction of the estate is the multi-domed Pokrovskaya Church. It began its life in 1708, in the village of Ankhimovo. There are legends that the church was used as a memorial to a victim executed by Tsar Peter the Great – possibly affluent merchant, or peasant. No truth can be established for this rumour, but it is known that Tsar Peter did attend this church.

In the 1950s, the severely dilapidated church was listed for renovations. The well-known architect Opolovnikov undertook this project, and the church was already restored by 1956. Sadly, however, the wooden church burnt to the ground in 1963.

The Russian government decided to repair the building once more, in a decision made by President Vladimir Putin and His Holiness Alexei II, the Patriarch. A cross was erected in the Neva Dendrology Pay in 2003, and then on 26th October 2004, construction works began after a dedicatory service.

It was in 2008 that the reconstruction works were completed in this multi-tiered church. On 14th October of the same year, a solemn service of consecration was held.

What to see

  • The church shrines: an early 18th century gospel printed in a Moscow printing house at the decree of Peter I; The Icon of the Protection of the Holy Virgin and the Azov Icon of the Mother of God, the Nightingale Cross and the venerable Icons of the Assumption of Our Lady and Holy Princes Boris and Gleb.
  • The Chapel of Spas Nerukotvorny is a copy of a lost monument of the late 17th century. The tented bell tower is an exact copy of the bell tower which was erected in the 1670s.

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