The Hermitage Tour - The Diamond Room Tour- Saint-Petersburg

The Hermitage Museum and The Diamond Room Tour

Duration: 4-hour tour
Meeting point:
at theentrance to the Hermitage
Type: private tour
72€ per person
in a group of four people

Please note that the booking of tickets is only available until the 15th of the month that precedes the month of your visit.


Our guide will show you the main complex of the second-largest art museum in the world. The main museum complex consists of 5 buildings: Winter Palace; Small Hermitage; Old Hermitage; New Hermitage and Hermitage Theatre. The museum’s collection includes over 3 million works of art.

The Diamond Room exhibits ancient gold objects discovered during excavations of Scythian barrow mounds: Western European and Russian goldsmiths’ masterpieces; jewellery from collections belonging to members of the Imperial Romanov family and from St. Petersburg’s private collections. There are also monuments of ecclesiastical art, diplomatic gifts to the Russian Imperial Court and works created by the Fabergé firm. You will also witness works of modern artists such as Emil Gallé and René Jules Lalique. There is also one more interesting piece, a pendant of the famous pirate Francis Drake (as a Vice Admiral who was second-in-command of the English fleet in the battle against the Spanish Armada).

Please note, that this tour includes skip-the-line tickets only for groups up to 6 visitors.

The visit to the Hermitage includes:

  • Staterooms: Jordan Staircase; St. George’s (Large Throne) Hall; Armorial Hall; the War Gallery of 1812 and the Grand Church of the Winter Palace
  • The Peacock Clock
  • Italian Painting of the 13th-18th Centuries: Leonardo da Vinci; Raphael; Giorgione; Titian and Michelangelo
  • Rembrandt Hall
  • The Diamond Room

After the program, you will have spare time in the Hermitage.


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30 €
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