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We have selected the most famous theatres:

The Marinsky Theatre
The Marinsky Theatre is the most fascinating theatre in St. Petersburg. It is worthwhile to see an opera or a ballet there. Worldwide reputable theatres show excellent ballets such as ‘Swan Lake’ and ‘Nutcracker’.
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The Nikolaevsky Palace
The Nikolaevsky Palace of 19th century will let you immerse in the atmosphere of folk dances and traditional songs of different Russian nations. Afterwards you will be treated with pancakes, caviar and vodka.
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The Vladimir Palace
We invite you to the concert ‘Russian Musical Seasons’ in the stunning Vladimir Palace. It is a unique palace which has saved its original interior. On entry, you will be offered a glass of champagne, then an excursion in the palace halls.
The Mikhailovsky Theatre
The Mikhailovsky Theatre was opened in 1833, named after Knyaz Mikhail, a brother of Nicholas I. the second largest theatre of opera and ballet in St. Petersburg.
The Alexandrian Theatre
In 1756, Empress Elizabeth decreed to build a theatre of tragedies and comedies. The Alexandrian Theatre was opened on the 31st of August 1832. It is one of the oldest dramatic theatres in Russia.
St. Petersburg Philharmonia
Worldwide famous, the oldest philharmonic orchestra of St. Petersburg will celebrate its 135 anniversary. Concerts are held in the big hall, whilst the beginners perform in a small hall.
The Hermitage Theatre
The Hermitage Theatre is located in the Winter Palace and was constructed in the end of 18th century for Empress Catherine II. Its hall is splendidly decorated and holds 250 people.

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