Folklore show in the Nikolaevsky Palace ‘Feel yourself Russian’

Beautiful pictures associated with Russian folklore

The show takes place in the luxurious palace of the 19th century. You will enjoy rich décor such as red carpets, a massive staircase and splendid chandeliers. A couple in costumes and wigs from 19th century walk along the halls to the sound of music. Before entering the stateroom (where the show will take place), you will be offered a glass of champagne.

Show ‘Fell Yourself Russian’

For 45 minutes, you will be enjoying the great musical and dance show. You will see folk songs and dances such as Katusha, Kalinka, Moscow Nights, Barge Haulers on the Volga and Kazachok among others. Actors are dressed in gorgeous bright costumes. They will smile broadly to the guests during the show and they may even invite you to participate in the dancing program.


Your ticket includes a buffet. During the break (20 min) the doors of the reception room will be opened. Cookies, red wine, Soviet champagne and vodka will be served. Please pay attention as you won’t have dinner!

Ticket price for Folklore show in the Nikolaevsky Palace ‘Feel yourself Russian’

You may book tickets using our order form or by email. The ticket price including the reception is 70 euros.  

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