Gastronomic tourism in St Petersburg

Gastronomic tourism in St Petersburg

We invite you to the gastronomic trip.

A tasting session of new Russian cuisine

Modern Russian cuisine is a new direction in the gastronomic world, a mix of traditional Russian recipes and culinary trends will not leave experts of haute cuisine indifferent. Russian cuisine is announced reputable in the prestige gastronomic guide ‘Gault&Millaut’.

A variety of dishes

You will taste local food and meals, traditional beverages. Russian cuisine is multifarious and seasonal; each region of the country has its own traditions.

Meeting locals

Our gastronomic tours include masterclasses, visiting food markets, tasting of caviar, vodka and Russian foods, as well as visiting all major sights of the city.


A gastronomic trip to St. Petersburg

5 days 4 nights

This trip will be perfect if you are interested to discover Russian cuisine as well as stay for a while with locals…


A gastronomic journey to St. Petersburg

5 days 4 nights

During this tour you will see the sights of the city, discover its history and culture, furthermore, you will be introduced to Russian cuisine…

Culinary workshops

1 - 6 hours

Learn the secrets of Russian cuisine, feel Russian hospitality and visit the ancient market. You are invited for culinary and cultural discoveries and unforgettable dinners with locals.

Discover traditions of Russian cuisine with us, you will enjoy new foods!

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