Cultural and Gastronomic St. Petersburg, 5 days – 4 nights

If you choose this tour, you will visit the historic area of the city, all major sights and local market. Our guide will introduce you to Russian cuisine, will take you to amazing restaurants, you will take part in a cuisine master class and truly immerse in the Russian culture.

The 1st day:
Introduction to the Russian cuisine

Transfer and checking into the hotel

Hiking city tour ‘First time visitors’

Dinner in the Russian restaurant (without guided assistance). You will have an opportunity to try beetroot soup (borshch), cabbage soup (shchi), solyanka, fish soup (ukha), and cold kvass soup (okroshka).

The 2nd day
From Russian fast food to Georgian cuisine

You will have local breakfast.

City tour includes visiting of the Peter and Paul Fortress and old local market.

Guided dinner at art-café. You will try traditional Russian dishes such as Russian salad and dressed herring which is constantly served on Russian holidays.

You will spend the evening in the Georgian restaurant, the Georgian cuisine is very popular in St. Petersburg. It is a relatively unknown cuisine in Europe but still unique and delicious. The most famous dishes are khinkali (meat dumplings), khachapuri (cheese pie), dolma (stuffed grape leaves). You will also check out Georgian wines such as Saperavi, Rkatsiteli and Mtsvane.

The 3rd day
Gastronomic Walk and the Culinary Master Class

You will have a guided gastronomic walk on the Nevsky Avenue, you will check out the old-fashioned confectionery ‘Pyshechnaya’ (worldwide famous Russian donuts); and the fabulous ‘Yeliseyev' shop, known for gourmet food (caviar, cheese, pastries). You will see the Church of Spilled Blood as well and then visit the local grocery store.

You will have a guided lunch in Russian fast food café check out pancakes with salmon, caviar or banana with Nutella. The second part of the day is devoted to your spare time.

In the evening, you will have the culinary master class at ‘Petrusha’ restaurant. You will prepare and sample Russian ravioli and varenyky

The 4th day
Pies, Russian and Georgian wine

From Mai until mid of October:

You will enjoy the gorgeous palace, the large and charming park, the lower and upper gardens and over 100 impressive fountains (the most famous ensembles of fountains are the Grand Cascade and the Samson fountain) in Peterhof.

Then you will have dinner at ‘Stolle’ restaurant which is famous for its sweet pies such as cherry, cranberry, cream cheese and in addition there are salty pies such as salmon, beef, rabbit meat, mushroom & potato.

From the end of October until April:

Pushkin City Tour; you will visit the luxurious Catherine Palace, the incredible ballroom, the Amber Room, Agate Rooms and beautiful gardens.

You will have lunch at ‘Podvorye’ isba-restaurant, immersing in the authentic atmosphere. You will try the following dishes: cranberry beef; roast pork marinated vegetables platter, pancakes with a cranberry syrup and so forth.

The 5th day
The end of our food journey

You will have breakfast at hotel. We will provide an airport transfer service.

Price per person from:

From Mai to October
From October to April
802 €
per person
853 €
per person
556 €
per person
614 €
per person
779 €
per person
571 €
per person

Price included

  • Tourist voucher
  • Accommodation (with a citizen/in the apartment/at hotel)
  • Breakfast
  • Dinners (2nd, 3rd, 4th days) along with an English speaking guide
  • Culinary master class (2rd day) along with English speaking guide
  • Experienced guide
  • Palace Museum Tickets (included in the program)
  • Customer service

Not included

  • International flights
  • Processing fee
  • Personal expenses
  • Insurance
  • Dinners (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th days)
  • Photo and Video Permits (some museums etc.)

Special services:

  • Gastronomic evening at Russian traditional restaurant / Georgian restaurant / modern cuisine restaurant: from 111 € person
  • Traditional Russian tea party using boiling tank (samovar), eating pancakes, honey, jam, sour cream, melted butter: from 65 € person
  • Cuisine master class: Russian donuts, quark cakes: from 85 € person
  • Visiting of The Russian Vodka Museum, tasting three kinds of vodka: from 45 € person
  • The culinary master class, you will learn how to prepare traditional liqueurs (nastoika): from 135 € person
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