Another Russia - Russian courses in Russia, in Saint-Petersburg

Russian courses in Russia

The most efficient method for learning Russian is to come to Russia and immerse yourself in the language.

We can offer you Russian lessons in different language schools in St Petersburg as well as individual tutoring.

You can choose your own learning programme according to your availability and your budget. You decide how many hours a week you wish to have, the most appropriate type of courses and together we will create your programme.

Our price list :

Individual lessons :

1 accademic hour with a private tutor: from 10 Euro per hour.

Individual lessons can take place at your place of residence.

Lessons in a language school :

1 accademic hour in a mini group: from 7 Euro per hour.

Why are our prices so low?

We have special contracts with language schools and can benefit from lower prices.

All our teachers have a university degree and a lot of experience in teaching Russian to foreigners.

Lessons are taught in English (or in French)

If you book russian lessons through our agency, we provide you with an invitation free of charge, regardless of the length of your stay.