Vehicle rentals

Public transportation in St. Petersburg is convenient and diverse. You can get out of the metro and hop on a tram, a bus or trolley bus. On the other hand, things are much more complicated when you do not speak Russian. The underground system is the only mode of public transportation which is accessible to non-Russian-speaking foreigners. It is therefore much more convenient to travel by private car when you plan to visit several remote points of the city, especially since the driver is Russian and accustomed to local ways of driving.

Car rental with Driver in St. Petersburg

Car with driver for 3-4 people

Price: 15 euros per hour (3 hours minimum) + 1 hour of delivery.

Passenger cars

Mini-bus rental in St. Petersburg

Mini-bus Mercedes Viano for 7 people

Price: 20 euros per hour (3 hours minimum) + 1 hour of delivery.

Mini-Bus Mercedes
Mini-Bus Mercedes Sprinter for 18 people

Price: 25 euros per hour (3 hours minimum) + 2 hours’ delivery.

Mini-Bus Mercedes Sprinter

Bus rental in St. Petersburg

Bus for 50 people

Price: 45 euros per hour (3 hours minimum) + 2 hours’ delivery.

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