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Organized tour

5 days 4 nights

This tour was carefully thought-out for your magical stay in St. Petersburg. Our guide will take you to the major sights of the city.

Program St. Petersburg and Moscow

7 days 6 nights
If you do not know where you want to go: in St. Petersburg or Moscow, we offer you the combined tour. You will see both cities.

Guided Trans-Siberian Railway trip: from Moscow to Vladivostok

14 days 13 nights

You will remember the journey on one of the most incredible railroads of the world – Trans-Siberian Railway.You will take a shoreline stroll alongside Lake Baikal and you will reach Vladivostok, situated on the opposite side of the world, near the Pacific Ocean.

Guided Trans-Siberian Railway trip: from Moscow to Beijing

16 days 15 nights

This amazing trip will start in Moscow and cast you away across two continents before arriving in Beijing. You will travel on two incredible railroads, The Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian Railways.

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If you are the owner or administrator of a website or a blog, or if you are a frequent user of any forum and you post a comment with a link on our website Another Russia provides you with a free tourist invitation for your Russian visa. If you post a comment about our site on a social networking page (Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc. ...) we provide a 5-euro discount per invitation.

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