Guided Trans-Siberian Railway trip from Moscow to Beijing, 16 days

This amazing trip will start in Moscow and cast you away across two continents before arriving in Beijing. You will travel on two incredible railroads, The Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian Railways. You will be able to escape the hectic life of the city and immerse into the beauty of nature and enjoy landscapes of Mongolian prairie and the shores of Lake Baikal. You are going to have an unforgettable trip to the opposite side of the world!

Day 1
Arrival in Moscow

Welcome to Moscow. Transfer, check into the hotel/apartment and then you will have some spare time in the city.

Day 2
In the heart of Moscow

After the breakfast, you will explore the city center. Our guide will show you the Kremlin: the former residence of Russian Tsars; the Red Square; St. Basil’s Cathedral and its colorful domes; you will see the most famous department store GUM, The Bolshoi Theatre and Lenin's Mausoleum.

Day 3
From Moscow to Irkutsk

You will have some free time in the morning, you may go shopping or continue to enjoy the city views. In the afternoon, the driver will take you to the railway station to begin your Trans-Siberian adventure! The departure to Irkutsk will be at 13:05. Spend the night on a train.

Day 4-6
Trans-Siberian adventure

You will travel the train route to Irkutsk. Spend the night on a train.

Day 7
Arrival in Irkutsk

Welcome to Irkutsk! The driver will take you to a hotel. You will have a great time in the capital of East Siberia, founded about 350 years ago. Our guide will show you narrow streets of the city and its ancient buildings, Eastern Orthodox Church architecture. The city has rich history. Many Russians were sent into exile in Irkutsk for their part in the Decembrist revolt.

Day 8
Irkutsk-Listvyanka-Lake Baikal

You will check the traditional wooden buildings in the Talzy museum. You will go to Listvyanka, situated on Lake Baikal. You will see spectacular landscapes and the breathtaking beauty of nature and visit a famous fish market. You will have a transfer to the station. The next stop will be in Ulan-Bator. The departure will be at 22:10.

Day 9
Trans-Mongolian Railway

In the morning, the train will reach Ulan-Ude, the capital of the Buryat Republic. The train will make a stop for 50 minutes. Later on, you will continue your trip on the amazing Trans-Mongolian Railway. You will reach Naushki, the frontier town. The train will make a stop for 5 hours. You will go through customs and in addition you will be able to use the railway station shower. The next stop will be in Sukh Bator and you will have to go through customs control there as well which will take 2 hours and 30 minutes. After that, you will continue your trip. Spend the night on a train.

Day 10
Arrival in Ulan Bator

You will arrive in the capital of Mongolia at 6:10am, we will provide the transfer service to the hotel. The guide will take you to the city and will show you the Gandantegchinlen, the largest Buddhist monastery in the Mongolian capital. Additionally, you will explore the cashmere factory, the guide will introduce you to the traditions of Mongolia. You will have a local dinner which must be paid for separately. The guide will take you to the National Museum. In the evening, we offer a folk show. Kindly pay attention because during the low season the show may be cancelled.

Day 11
Ulan Bator- the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

Today you will go to the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park where you will see breathtaking views of Mongolian prairies, yurts, horses, impressive mountains, giant rocks and different shaped rocks such as Turtle rock. Moreover, the guide will introduce you to the natural habitat of the nomad tribes. The unique experience of the day will be a night stay in a yurt but do not worry, it’s warm inside. Spend the night in a yurt.

Day 12
The Gorkhi-Terelj National Park - Ulan Bator

You will have a breakfast in a yurt with locals and then later, you will do horse riding alongside the shores of the Tuul River. You will enjoy unbelievably beautiful natural landscapes. Later you will be back to Ulan Bator to take a guided walk in the local market “Naran Tuul”.

Day 13
Ulan Bator - Beijing

You will have a transfer to the station and get on the train to Beijing. In the evening, you will cross the border in Zamyn-Uud where the train will make a stop for 1 hour and 30 minutes and then in Erlian where the train will make a stop for 3 hours.The train stop is necessary to change the track gauge. Spend the night on a train.

Day 14
Arrival in Beijing

You will arrive in Beijing at 14.05. We will provide a transfer service to the hotel. After that, the guide will take you for a stroll. You will go to Tiananmen Square, the largest square of the city. You will see the Forbidden City and famous shopping streets named Wangfujing St and Chang’An Ave. At the end of the guided tour you will reach The Olympic Games buildings, National Aquatics Center and Bird’s Nest.

Day 15

You will see the Great Wall of China, the major sight of Beijing. You will be at the highest spot of the wall (1015m) to see the most astonishing view of the city. After dinner, you will go to the Necropolis of the Ming Dynasty, one of the largest necropolis in China.

Day 16

It is the end of your trip, we will provide airport transfer service.


Budget Travel
Comfort Package
2375 €
per person
2578 €
per person
1991 €
per person
2178 €
per person
1860 €
per person
2037 €
per person

Budget Travel:

  • Accommodation with a local host in Moscow and in Irkutsk, in a hotel 2* in Ulan Bator, in a hotel 3* in Beijing (2 and 4 people)
  • Rent an apartment in Moscow, with a local host in Irkutsk, in a hotel 2* in Ulan Bator, in a hotel 3* in Beijing (6 people)

Comfort Package:

  • 3 Star Hotel in Moscow, Irkutsk, Beijing
  • 2 Star Hotel in Ulan-Bator
  • *It is possible to live with other tourists, have the communal shower and toilet area

The price includes:

  • Tourist voucher (to receive the Russian visa)
  • Accommodation depending on the package
  • Train tickets (4-berth compartments with couchettes)
  • Transfers (including in the program)
  • Meals (including in the program)
  • English speaking experienced guide (during excursions specified in the program)

The price does not include:

  • Flight tickets
  • Visa
  • Meals (not including in the program)
  • Personal expenses
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