Self-guided Trans-Siberian Railway trip from Moscow to Irkutsk, 12 days

The self-guided trip is organized especially for travelers who prefer to have more freedom, you will have enough time to explore the country in the most convenient for you way. You will see Moscow, the capital of Russia and Kazan which is the capital of Tatarstan. You will experience one of the greatest train journeys on The Trans-Siberian Railway. You will make a stop in Yekaterinburg, the boundary between Europe and Asia and enjoy Irkutsk, with its wooden houses before taking a shoreline stroll alongside Lake Baikal.

Day 1
Arrival in Moscow

Welcome to Moscow. Transfer, check into the hotel/apartment and then you will have some spare time in the city.

Day 2
Introduction to Moscow

After the breakfast, you will have time to explore the city center on your own. We advise you to visit the Kremlin: the former residence of Russian Tsars; take a stroll on the Red Square; admire St. Basil’s Cathedral and its colorful domes; walk along the Arbat which is the most famous street and take a break in one of the cafes or restaurants. There are a lot of gift shops as well. Kindly review the detailed descriptions of all major sights on our website.

Day 3
Moscow in Kazan

You will have a day in Moscow devoted to your spare time. You may visit museums, check out what the capital has to offer in ways of our Russian cuisine in the countless amazing places cafes, restaurants and pubs. You can enjoy the dynamic life of the city. In the evening, you will have a transfer to the station and get on the train to Kazan. Departure time is 22.00. Spend the night on a train.

Day 4
Arrival in Kazan

Welcome to the capital of Tatarstan! Arrival 10.00. You will have a transfer to the hotel where you can drop off luggage. You may visit The Kazan Kremlin, rest assured, you will enjoy it as much as the Moscow Kremlin; sights around the Kul Sharif Mosque and the Cathedral of the Annunciation. The city is associated with the major figure in the history of Russia – Ivan the Terrible.

Day 5
Kazan and the UNESCO Island town Sviyazhsk

You can go to Sviyazhsk (45 km from Kazan), located at the confluence of the Volga and Sviyaga Rivers. You will see the Trinity Church from the times of Ivan the Terrible. The Island has rich history. You will also enjoy monuments on some Islands, monasteries and churches. In the evening, you will have a transfer to the station and get on the train to Yekaterinburg. Departure 20:00. Spend the night on a train.

Day 6
Arrival in Yekaterinburg

You will arrive in Yekaterinburg (11:44 am) and transfer to the hotel. You will a have an entire day dedicated to Yekaterinburg. Walk to the center of the city, you will probably be interested in such sights as the Church of All Saints, the Trinity Cathedral, the Church of Ascension, from where you will see the great view on Ural.

Day 7
Tracing the path of the Romanov Dynasty

You can go to the countryside to a place named Ganina-Yama. After the execution of the Romanov family, the bodies of the Tsar and his family were transported to Ganina Yama and thrown into the pit. Seven chapels were later constructed at the site, one for each member of the royal family. You can go to the Obelisk “the Border between Europe and Asia”. You will have time to make photos standing on two continents at the same time. Then we will take you to Yekaterinburg where you will have some spare time. In the evening, you will have a transfer to the station and get on the train to Irkutsk. Departure 22.00. Spend the night on a train.

Days 8-9
On a train

You are on the Trans-Siberian Railway again. Spend the night on a train.

Day 10
Arrival in Irkutsk

Welcome to Irkutsk! Arrival is at 09:38. As usual, the driver will take to a hotel. You will have a great time in the capital of East Siberia, founded about 350 years ago. Explore narrow streets of the city and its ancient buildings, Eastern Orthodox Church architecture, classical and gothic architecture, monuments of the revolt and the Second World War.

Day 11
Irkutsk - Lake Baikal

We offer you to visit Listvyanka, situated on Lake Baikal. You will see spectacular landscapes and the breathtaking beauty of nature, visit a famous fish market and check the traditional wooden buildings in the Talzy museum.

Day 12

It is the end of your trip, we will provide airport transfer service.


Budget Travel
Comfort Package
1054 €
per person
1321 €
per person
939 €
per person
1190 €
per person
937 €
per person
1108 €
per person

Budget Travel:

  • Accommodation with a local host in Moscow and in Irkoutsk*, in a hotel 2* in Kazan and in Yekaterinburg (2 and 4 people)
  • Rent an apartment in Moscow, accommodation with a local host in Irkutsk*, in a hotel 2* in Kazan and in Yekaterinburg (6 people)

Comfort Package:

  • 3 Star Hotel in all cities
  • *It is possible to live with other tourists, have the communal shower and toilet area

The price includes:

  • Tourist voucher (to receive the Russian visa)
  • Accommodation depending on the package
  • Train tickets (4-berth compartments with couchettes)
  • Transfers (including in the program)
  • Meals (including in the program)

The price does not include:

  • Flight tickets
  • Visa
  • Meals (not including in the program)
  • Personal expenses
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