Trans-Siberian Railway Tours from Moscow to Vladivostok

Trans-Siberian Railway trips from Moscow to Vladivostok

During this trip, you will travel on the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway. With a length of 9,289 kilometers, the Railway connects two continents: Europe and Asia. Life on the train will let you see inside the culture of the country. You will meet locals, immerse in the culture and history of different areas.

Review by Rosa

I came back home after a great trip. I wish to express my appreciation to your travel agency. Everything went smoothly as planned. The friendly drivers always met us in a timely manner. I still remember the three guides who introduced me to Krasnoyarsk, Baikal and Ulan Ude. It was a real cultural exchange! The guides told us about their country and were interested in my country as well.

Guided Trans-Siberian Railway trip: from Moscow to Vladivostok
Description :
You will remember the journey on one of the most incredible railroads of the world – Trans-Siberian Railway.You will take a shoreline stroll alongside Lake Baikal and you will reach Vladivostok, situated on the opposite side of the world, near the Pacific Ocean.
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Self-guided Trans-Siberian Railway trip: from Moscow to Vladivostok
Description :
The self-guided trip is organized especially for travelers who prefer to have more freedom, you will have enough time to explore the country in the most convenient for you way.You will travel over 9000 km from Moscow to Vladivostok, you will see Yekaterinburg, the border between Europe and Asia, and Irkutsk, which is situated near amazing Lake Baikal.
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We offer a 16 days trip, however, you may change the program details, duration, etc.

We recommend:

  • To begin the adventure in St. Petersburg and continue in Moscow (you will need 3 extra days for the trip)
  • To make a stop in Kazan or in Nizhny Novgorod between Moscow and Yekaterinburg (plus 1 or 2 extra days)
  • To make a stop in Krasnoyarsk between Yekaterinburg and Irkutsk (you will need 1 extra day for the trip)
  • To spend quality time on Lake Baikal:
    • To visit ‘Bolchye Koty’, Irkutsk during a high season (plus 1 day to your trip)
    • To visit Olkhon Island (plus 3 days to your trip)
  • To make a stop in Ulan Ude between Irkutsk and Vladivostok, you will fully experience Mongolian life (you will need 2 extra days for the trip)
  • Mongolian tour between Irkutsk and Vladivostok (you will need 5 extra days)