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Tours to Uzbekistan

The place has two thousand years of history, Uzbekistan possesses a remarkable heritage of art and architecture, as well as the difficult and fascinating history of the Silk Road. The Uzbeks are incredibly kind and hospitable nation, that is why your journey will be especially pleasant.

Except for the mosques, medreses and mausoleums of Samarkand, which will definitely impress you, you will find many other unique places. Khiva, a city of thousand nights, Tashkent, the prosperous capital of Uzbekistan, red sands of Kyzyl Kum desert, full of flocks of sheep and traditional yurts of nomads, the hearty valley Fergana, small villages and its occupants (their hospitality will be a welcome surprise), every stage of your journey will be unforgettable! Besides, you will see bright colorful markets, deserts, ancient citadels and lesser-known natural wonders.

Uzbekistan tour:

We invite you to discover Uzbekistan, depart to the journey with our travel agency in the footsteps of caravans and old cities of the Silk Road. Our offers vary from one week tour to a couple of weeks tour, individual or guaranteed tours, all-inclusive or bad and breakfast tours, with a local guide or independently.

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It is possible to change the tour program depending on your wishes and budget. You may change the hotel category, combine your trip to Uzbekistan with other Asia countries such as Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, that way your trip will be more colorful and eventful.

We hope that we will be able to create a journey of your dream, so you could have memorable experience.

Clients reviews
Valerie & Stephan
The ‘AR’ agency prepared an unforgettable trip for us, they had considered all our wishes on a great journey to Russia and Uzbekistan. We experienced a fortunate combination of city and nature tours resulting in a fine balance between spare time and guided tours, living in hotels and in flats with local families. In addition, the price was affordable. A great advantage was that the tour was individual!
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