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Want to visit an authentic Uzbek village? To see the Aral sea and enjoy the amazing nature? Go for a walk or hike in the mountains?

Then we're offering you to have a look at our list of Uzbekistan excursions. We have cultural tours, trips to nature, hiking, overnight stays in a yurt and meetings with local residents. Contact us and we will come up with a unique program for your trip!

Fergana Valley

Starting from
248 € p/p

3 full days
(accommodation+ transport + excursions + guide)
Surrounded by the Tian Shan Mountains to the north and the Pamir mountains to the South, the Fergana Valley used to be the gateway for caravans coming from China. Here you'll get acquainted with traditional folk crafts, enjoy beautiful scenery and an incredible variety of goods at the local market and be touched by the incredible hospitality of the locals. The trip lasts 3 days and will be a great addition to the tour of Uzbekistan.

Aral sea

Starting from
369 € p/p

3 days, 3 nights
(Accommodation + transport + excursions + guide)
Back in the day, the Aral Sea used to be the 4th largest freshwater lake in the world. Over the past 40 years, its area has decreased twofold. We're inviting you to catch a sight of this incredible place and to touch the secrets of this ecological phenomenon and have a look at the lighthouse, ships' cemetery and the abandoned port. During the tour we'll visit a unique place where you can learn the history of the ecological disaster of the Aral Sea.

The Uzbek village

Starting from
83 € p/p

Weekend at a local resident's place
(Accommodation + transport + meals + guide)
As we always strive to surprise our travelers by showing them more than just the typical tourist spots, we're offering you a trip to a village where you can spend time with the locals and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of country life. The trip can last from 1 to 7 days according to your wishes.

The town of Baysun: Folklore Uzbekistan

Starting from
186 € p/p

3 days - 2 nights
(Accommodation + transport + dinner +
excursions + guide)
A truly unique experience ehreby you will discover a different side to Uzbekistan. Folk crafts, colorful bazaars, sacred springs, landscapes etched in memory, and ancient traditions, all of this awaits you in the territory of Gissar Range in the south-west of Uzbekistan. The spot is not widely known among common tourists and it's a true adventure to visit it at least once in a lifetime. Climb the mountains on a donkey's back with in a turban on your head and a traditional knife behind your belt!

The Village of Ashraf: horse track

Starting from
262 € p/p

4 days 4 nights
(Accommodation + transport + meals + guide + escort in the mountains)
Three days in the village of Ashraf, located in the nut nature reserve in the Nurata mountains, near the city of Nurata, 240 km South-East of Samarkand. Breathtaking landscapes, shepherds with their herds, stone houses in the depths of the gorges and local residents, most of whom are Tajiks. Explore the local culture by visiting the Tajik school! Reboot yourself by climbing the Nurata mountains!

Authentic Bazaar in the city of Urgut

Starting from
75 € p/p

1 day
(Transport + excursions + guide)
Situated about forty kilometers South-West of Samarkand is the small town of Urgut, city known for its colourful and authentic Bazaar. Here you can find a variety of traditional crafts. Very popular among the locals, this market has nearly everything! From fruits and vegetables to car parts, lots of handmade items (especially 'suzani'), traditional silk embroidery.

Here grow plane or 'chenar' trees that have formed a forest around the city. The age of some of the plants is more than of a thousand years. In the vicinity of Urgut, one should definitely see the work of local craftsmen, whole families of which are engaged in ceramics and embroidery art.

Yurta camp and the Aydar Lake

Starting from
147 € p/p

2 nights
(night in Yurta + transport + meals + guide)
Experience living like a nomad with a dinner by the fire accompanied by the songs of the Kazakh trouvere, camel trekking through the red-sand dunes of the Kyzylkum Desert and a picnic on the Aydar Lake.This tour is a remarkable journey that you will want to remember forever.

Mountains and authentic villages

Starting from
136 € p/p

2 days - 2 nights
(Accommodation + transport + meals + guide)
A small village of Tersak in the Zarafshan Range. Untouched nature, magnificent views of the snowy peaks, the famous hospitality of the locals. All of this awaits you in this special spot. This trip will be especially appreciated by nature lovers.

Chimgan + Chorvoq

Starting from
83 € p/p

1 to 3 days
(Accommodation + transport + meals + guide)
Chimgan Mountains overlooking the artificial Chorvoq Lake is a favorite vacation spot for local residents. The place is a 2-hour drive from Tashkent and it attracts visitors with its beauty at any time of year. Ski resort is open here from December 20th to April 5th. Wildlife lovers will be delighted with the landscape and natural attractions where one can find deep gorges, powerful waterfalls, Alpine meadows and forests .And for the lovers of a relaxing holiday, there's always Bel’dersay and the shores of Chorvoq Lake.
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