Frequently asked questions about visa for Russia

What kind of document is a voucher/invitation?

An invitation letter or a voucher is the required document for obtaining Russian visa.

To arrange an invitation for a tourist visa it is necessary to approach a travel company accredited at Rosturizm (Russian Tourism Agency). The travel agency must be registered as a tour operator entitled to invite foreign citizens to Russia.

This document consists of two parts: A Voucher and a Confirmation of the Admission of a Foreign Tourist.

What is the "inviting" entity?

A Russian travel agency with an ah hoc licence (licence acquisition covenants: a financial guarantee for approximately 300 thousand Euro or an RC insurance for the same sum).

The travel agencies fulfilling the requirements above get an ID number entered in the travel agencies' register of the ministry of Foreign Affairs department (MID); this number operates in all the Russian consulates abroad and appears on all the invitations.

Have you got an agency abroad?

No, as we are an ON-LINE agency, but we are eager to cooperate with "physical" agencies. We provide special voucher prices to agencies.

How do I pay?

You can securly pay on-line in the "payment" section (all regular cards are accepted). Should you change your mind or come accross a difficulty, you can cancel your payment anytime.

Who is to register you once you are in Russia?

According to the new foreigners residence and registration law, you have to be registered in an informational document at the actual address of the place you are staying at:

  • If you stay in a hotel, a hostel or a Bed&Breakfast, its administrator has to register you
  • If you stay at a friend's or rent a room or an apartment from an indiviadual, the host/owner is obliged to register you within 3 working days of your arrival. (The procedure is very simple for an individual person, and may be implemented in any post office in Russia.)

We can help you to register in Saint Petersburg to facilitate things for you (the fee is indicated on our site), but you will have to address you administrator/landlord in other Russian cities.

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