Tourist invitaion obtain visa to Russia

Why do you need an invitation to come to Russia?

To enter (and exit) Russia, foreigners need a visa, which can be obtained from the Russian consulate. To obtain a visa, you need an invitation.

What type of visa do you need?

If you don't plan to stay more than 30 days in Russia, you need a tourist invitation letter (voucher). For longer stays, or if you need a Russian multiple entries visa, you will need a "business" invitation (for a "business visa") that you can get for 3, 6 or 12 months.


Tourist Invitation to Russia

Price invitations for tourist visas (voucher)
Number of invitations Rates from 1 to 13 days Rates from 14 to 30 days
1 - 2 23 € 35 €
3 - 4 21 € 32 €
5 plus 20 € 30 €

The "route" or "detailed plan" required in some consulates (such as in Paris) is included in the price.
Lowest price guaranteed! Another Russia will refund you the difference if you find cheaper elsewhere.

Another Russia guarantees the best prices on the web: If after buying your tourist invitation on our website you find an identical offer at a lower price, Another Russia will refund the difference and give you a voucher of € 10 valid on your next purchase of any other services via our website.


Application form

To issue an invitation for a Russian tourist visa we need the following information:

* We ask only for the information absolutely necessary for your invitation.

Your invitation will be sent to your email address. We do not disclose your personal data.

This field is required. Please enter a value.

Please specify the number of people who need an invitation.

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General information


Date of entry into Russia.


Pay attention to the date you cross the border on your way back: if you cross the border after midnight you must specify the next day.

Please indicate the hotel you have booked.

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Please indicate the Russian cities you will visit.

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Please indicate which visa center you will use for your visa application.

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After you have entered all your data and made the payment, you will receive your invitation (s) within the 24 hours by e-mail. (except weekends and holidays).

The Russian consulate in Paris requests a faxed copy invitation from Russia, the Russian consulates in the UK, Canada, the USA, Belgium, Switzerland, accept invitations by email (scanned copies). If however you apply for a tourist visa in Paris, please indicate a fax number.

The Russian consulate usually takes 5 to 12 days to issue a visa. We advise you to send us your details at least 15 days before departure, to avoid paying emergency expenses of the consulate.

An express visa for Russia can be obtained at the consulate in 3 days (some consulates deliver them the same day) by means of an additional payment of consular fees.

Free invitations - unique offer on the web

Another Russia offers free tourist invitations to Russia. To benefit from this offer you have two options :

  1. If you own a website, a personal page or blog and place a link on our site with a comment, we offer an invitation for a tourist visa free of charge.
  2. If you book accommodation (apartment, hotel or homestay) in St. Petersburg via our website, the tourist invitation is also free of charge.
Thank you for contacting us! Our manager will be in touch as soon as possible to finalize the details. Close