Discover authentic Russia with the local agency!

About Us

We are a travel agency that organizes unusual tours and personalized services to Russia, Mongolia, China, Belarus and Uzbekistan.

Our Mission

Dispel stereotypes about Russia

For about a century, Russia was a closed country, so it’s not surprising that foreigners have so many misconceptions about our country. You will be surprised, but it’s not always cold in Russia, not all Russians love vodka, and the communist regime is a thing of the past. We want to show you Russia as it really is.

Uncover Russia’s rich diversity

Russia is not limited to Moscow and St. Petersburg; it’s a much richer and more diverse country than you can imagine! Sleepy Russian villages, the Arctic Circle, the northern lights in Murmansk, famous Lake Baikal, the endless Siberian taiga, unusual Buddhist temples in Buryatia, the ancient cities of the Golden Ring, and so much more. Russia is a multinational country with more than 190 different nations, each of which has its own unique traditions. Moreover, each region has its own culture and climate.

Create a custom-made tour just for you!

Our travel agency has English-speaking experts who will draw up an original route just for you, show you the most interesting and unusual places in the country, places that are seldom mentioned in traditional guidebooks. We organize personalized tours for families, couples, solo travellers or groups of friends.

Our History

It all began in 2007 when the future founder showed Russia to his girlfriend - a French lady and her family. To his great surprise, he noticed that it was difficult for foreigners to find reliable information about Russia, tours were expensive and the programs were very limited. Therefore, he decided to open a travel agency that would offer more interesting and unusual routes at reasonable prices.

And so, our travel agency appeared on the tourist market. After a few successful years of organizing tours to Russia for French-speaking tourists, we expanded and now work with English, Italian and German clients. We offer tours not only to Russia, but also to Central Asia, China and Mongolia, constantly developing exciting new routes and excursions.

Our team consists of young professionals who are proud of their culture and love traveling. Most of our employees sell tours to their native regions (for example, Central Asia, Murmansk, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and St. Petersburg), so they know the area perfectly and can work out a unique and interesting route just for you.

Here’s how it works

Fill out the online application form.
Our specialist will contact you to discuss the details of your journey.
We send you a free tour program and estimate.
If you like our tour offer, you make an advance payment amounting to 20% of the cost of the tour.
We book the hotels, excursions, transfers, and send you a tourist invitation.
You settle the outstanding amount. Our specialists will be in touch throughout your journey.
Send us a request to find out all the information you are interested in. This request is free and without obligation.
Thank you for contacting us! Our manager will be in touch as soon as possible to finalize the details. Close